1. Bagaimana Trips Agreement Mengatur Perlindungan Hak Cipta Jelaskan

When we were little, we may remember, as our parents told us, we should take examples or Suri Tauladan of the good deeds or good works of others. Wisdom may be denied by TRIPS. This agreement says you can`t mimic. The country is growing to fight for fairer Haki agreements, especially with regard to development needs, and not only within the WTO. Within the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO), they have also promoted the development agenda approach. Through this agenda, developing countries propose to strengthen the development dimension in the design and implementation of IIC protection rules, including the development of standards and technical assistance. As provided for in Dutch Heritage Patent Law, patent applications can be filed with the Batavia Patent Office (now Jakarta), but the examination of the patent application must be carried out in Octrooiraad, the Netherlands. On 19 September 1987, the Government of Indonesia adopted Law No. 7 of 1987 as an amendment to Law No. 7. 12 of 1982 on copyright. The explanation of Law No.

7 of 1987 makes it clear that the amendment of Law No. 12, 1982, is due to the increase in copyright violations that could harm social life and destroy people`s creativity. Following the ratification of Law No. 7 of 1987, the Government of Indonesia signed a series of bilateral agreements in the field of copyright as a transposition of the law. .