Aims Enterprise Agreement

11.8 Subject to the Institute`s work requirements, the Director may authorize a temporary division of duties by mutual agreement between a worker and a supervisor as a possibility of apprenticeship and continuing education for the employee. 42.7 Ordinary hours included in part-time contracts must be within the range indicated at point 33.12. 2.3 The aim of this agreement is to create a safe and healthy work environment that values the skills, talents and perspectives of all employees, 36.2 For part-time workers who do not work at the coaching level (or on an equal footing), overtime at management, which does not stop at the employee`s normal working hours, and/or goes beyond all normal hours of work during the billing period (four weeks) provided for by the worker`s part-time work agreement. 69.8 If a clause in this agreement provides for a substantial change in production, program, organization, structure or technology in relation to the company of the establishment, the requirements of clauses 69.2 a, 69.3 and 69.5 do not apply. 53.9 When a worker is required to pay in accordance with item 53.8, a payment plan is agreed with the worker. In the absence of an agreement, the Director establishes a payment plan taking into account payments deducted from the purchased leave. 65.6 The period during which the formal evaluation of the employee`s performance is agreed between the staff member and the manager or determined by the manager in the event of an agreement. The minimum time for formal measures is 4 weeks. 42.8 The duration of a part-time contract is unlimited. 42.5 At the end of the part-time contract, the worker may either return to full-time employment or apply for another part-time job. 33.7 For part-time workers, normal hours are the hours and days included in the worker`s part-time work agreement. To determine the percentage of the contract rate to be paid to a worker under this agreement, the worker`s production capacity is assessed according to the system of remuneration assisted by a certified assessor who consulted the institute and the worker and, if the worker wishes, a union to which the worker can join.

(i) the terms of the enterprise agreement amended by the agreement; and 42.9 The terms of a part-time agreement may be changed at any time by mutual agreement between the employee and the director. These include reversing or moving to full-time agreements before the originally agreed date. (b) any payment of a given annual leave is a separate written agreement between the worker and the manager; 5.3 This agreement applies to the exclusion of the Australian price of the 2015 utility. This agreement works in conjunction with other Commonwealth laws, including: 81.9 If the Director is satisfied that the worker does not have enough productive work at his disposal during the remainder of the retention period and that there is no reasonable prospect of redeployment to the GSP, the Institute may, with the worker`s agreement, terminate the worker`s employment in accordance with Section 29 of the Public Services Act 1999. Once completed, the employee receives a lump sum that goes out: 65.3 Formal performance measures are defined by a meeting at which the expected performance standards are agreed and documented. Expected performance standards will be consistent with the corresponding SPG work level standard and will take into account the employee`s PDR plan.