Article 54 Of The Agreement On The European Economic Area

– any agreement or category of agreements between companies, The status of an approved economic operator is suspended by the customs issuing authority in the following cases: without prejudice to Article 11, these agreements do not affect THE EU legislation relating to the transmission of information likely to be of Eure interest between the competent services of the Commission and the customs authorities of the Member States. In the areas of the protection of human and animal health and animal welfare, the implementation of the principles set out in Articles 3, 7 and 13 and the rules on royalties applicable to formal and carried out controls is decided by the EEA Joint Committee in accordance with Article 93, paragraph 2, of the agreement. If the Competent Authority finds that certain agreements of a strictly analog and effect nature are concluded with the above provisions, it authorizes them, among other things, that this paragraph applies to distributors, it also authorizes them, if they have ensured that they meet the same requirements. 5. If there is disagreement between the two entities regarding the actions to be taken in relation to a complaint or with respect to the outcome of the review, one of the institutions may refer the matter to the EEA Joint Committee, which deals with it in accordance with Article 111. The Community undertakes to amend the status of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of the European Communities to ensure that officers appointed for each case representing an EFTA State or the EFTA Supervisory Authority can be assisted by an adviser or lawyer entitled to practise before an EFTA state court. It also undertakes to ensure that lawyers entitled to practise before an EFTA state court can represent economic individuals and operators before the Court of Justice and the European Court of First Instance. the provisions of Article 112, paragraph 1, also concern the situation in a specific area; The additional financial contribution for the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania amounts to EUR 21.5 million for the Republic of Bulgaria and EUR 50.5 million for Romania for the period from 1 January 2007 to 30 April 2009 included; they are made available from the date of the entry into force of the agreement on the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania in the European Economic Area or a provisional implementation agreement of the agreement and are committed in a single tranche in 2007. I would be grateful if you would confirm that you agree with the votes above.

the agreement is not such as to give the companies concerned the power to determine the prices of a substantial part of the products concerned in the area covered by the agreement, to control or limit production or marketing, nor to protect them from effective competition between other companies located in the territory covered by the agreement.