Beaumont Hospital Corporate Integrity Agreement

„Providing financial incentives to physicians in exchange for patient transfers undermines the integrity of our health care system,” said Assistant Attorney General Chad A. Readler of the Justice Department`s Civil Division. „Patients deserve unqualified and independent judgment from their health care professionals.” The transaction agreement also argues that WBH provided and billed some CT radiology services as hospital services, although the imaging centre does not meet regulatory requirements based on Medicare providers. DOJ submitted that the defendant had awarded the referring physicians compensation that had been well above fair value (FMV) in the form of free or sub-dependent office space, as well as the use of hospital staff to support medical practices, in order to obtain referrals from physicians. The DOJ also stated that the hospital`s claims for benefits for illegally transferred patients were contrary to the ACF. It is interesting to note that the allegations attached by this transaction were made after four separate complaints for whistleblowers and related to allegations of conduct from 2004 to 2012. This delay indicates that health care providers may be exposed to significant potential liability for non-compliant behaviour, even long after the behavioral behaviour that occurs. In addition to the payment of the money, the defendant agreed to enter into a five-year agreement with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) on corporate integrity (CIA). WASHINGTON – William Beaumont Hospital, a Detroit, Michigan-based regional hospital system, will pay $84.5 million to resolve false claims in the False Claims Act regarding inappropriate relationships with eight doctors on alert, leading to false allegations in the Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE programs, as announced by the Justice Department today. Fox said there were no complaints „about the quality of care provided by a doctor in one of the three hospitals” that were part of the former De Beaumont health care system. These hospitals include the Royal Oak Flagship Hospital and Grosse Pointe and Troy Hospital. „Health care providers who offer or accept financial incentives in exchange for patient transfers undermine both the financial integrity of federal health programs and public confidence in medical facilities,” special agent hhS-OIG said in the Lamont Pugh batch.

„Our agency will continue to protect patients and taxpayers by holding accountable those who practice fraudulent bribery schemes.” Beaumont Health has agreed to pay an US$84.5 million transaction to the U.S. Department of Justice, the State of Michigan and four whistleblowers for violating federal laws that prevent hospitals from overcompensating doctors and making false allegations. The following day, August 3, Prime Healthcare Services, Inc., two of its subsidiaries and fourteen of its hospitals (Prime) entered into a $65 million agreement with Prime`s Chief Executive Officer with Prime`s Chief Executive Officer with DOJ to resolve allegations of poor coding and billing practices in hospitals.