Bloom Framework Agreement

We manage all aspects of the purchasing process by direct allocation or mini-competition with the best framework or solution or your needs that make customers visible at every step via our digital platform. Bloom has a results-based philosophy that is essential to success. By focusing on the end result and not on the initial demand, Bloom is able to provide not only the services that buyers need, but also the changes they need to see. At Bloom, our open approach to sourcing is unique. We can think differently about solving challenges by offering control, selection, value and compliance Our team of contract managers will closely monitor the contract and manage it until conclusion to ensure that all steps are taken. They only pay for what has been delivered. Once projects are successfully completed, our team conducts audits and knowledge to ensure continuous improvement. From our dynamic supplier market, which includes large companies, SMEs and the third sector, we will identify and support the shortlist of the most appropriate service providers, in order to quickly identify new suppliers and be shipped when needed. Feedback on all tenders will be provided to ensure that results are distributed among public sector suppliers to improve future results. Our team of category experts will work with you to develop a quality specification based on results for your project or program and share the knowledge and best practices of our library with over 4000 specifications. The ministry of education`s new guidelines have highlighted nepro as a preferred route for educational institutions to create and manage specialized professional services. Visit the nepro website to learn more. Bloom offers a dynamic supply chain that provides the public sector with a market place to purchase and manage services.

We deliver quality results from our network of suppliers and consultants, approved in advance and constantly expanding. Our fully compliant open market is results-based, which means that the public sector only pays for what is delivered.