Cash Deposit Agreement Sample

The surety represents the good faith of the payer with the intention of paying the full amount due for the goods or services at a later date. The acomphement, also called „acomphes”, can be refunded according to the conditions. Amount: the amount deposited must be indicated on the receipt in words and numbers. Download this template in the file version you want to work with using the links or buttons on this page. Note that the proof of deposit can be developed as a „PDF”, Word` or „ODT” file. Deposit details: this is the applicant`s name, email address, account number or phone number. Proof of advance payment (rental): this is a document that shows proof of the cash deposit to the lessor or lender, as proof of the intention to move in and take care of the property. Depending on the general conditions of sale, the deposits can be refunded or not refunded. The buyer and seller or the owner and tenant negotiate the terms of an agreement with the amount necessary for the deposit.

Depending on the terms of the contract, the deposit may be reimbursed after the execution of the contract by the payer or at the end of the tenant`s lease. A deposit is usually bound by a purchase agreement with the payer, who is required to comply with its conditions or lose the amount of the deposit. If the payer fulfills the contract until the end of the contract or commits to the purchase, the deposit is either fixed on the total amount of the purchase and, for owner-tenant situations, the deposit is refunded to the tenant at the end of the lease. Received in advance (for the purchase of anything): This is a receipt that confirms the payment that the buyer has made in advance to the seller. This document consists of the seller`s details, the buyer`s details, the amount paid and the item paid.