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As a result of the loss of public confidence, university budgets and investments are increasingly being monitored. Caprice Lawless, AAUP`s second vice-president, said the faculty is used to exploring topics and publishing results. To raise awareness, his chapter of Colorado`s part-time faculty even woven financial figures – some of which were obtained through requests for public records – in a coloring book flashing eyes with puzzles that challenge readers to match the six-figure salary with the president of the Community University who deserves it. Chapel Hill is the latest campus to dust off the old statutes and revive a chapter of the AAUP, the long-standing representation of the interests of academic freedom. Groups at Dartmouth College and Syracuse University relaunched their chapters last year, and Cornell University faculties are in talks to do the same. Organizers who resurrect the chapters say that academic freedom is under attack as a „corporatism” of the college, state politics and over-reliance on aid work, threatening to stifle the faculty`s voice. Bethany Letiecq, a professor of family science and president of the Mason AAUP chapter, said faculties and students had worked with the university to develop new strategies that would create a public record of gift agreements in the future. However, she said the older agreements were still kept secret. The Wright State chapter of the AAUP ratified a contract agreement reached earlier this year with the school administration. The agreement was reached after a 20-day strike by union members ended in early February, when an interim agreement was reached.

The proposed amendments, if approved by the regents, would contribute to a long road to removing the UNL from the AAUP`s censorship list, said Julia Schleck, associate English professor and member of the Nebraska chapter of the AAUP. The publication of donor contracts signed by George Mason University with the Charles Koch Foundation and other benefactors revealed provisions for donors to participate in faculty and curriculum decisions. Rudy Fichtenbaum, President of the AAUP, expressed particular concern about inappropriate influence in faculty recruitment and the problem of „promoting a political agenda” by focusing on the principles of the free market.