Ddsb Occasional Teachers Collective Agreement

(5) If, on 31 August 2012, a collective agreement between a board of directors and a trade unionist did not provide for sick leave for a tariff unit, a collective agreement between those parties is excluded from the application of Article 4(1) of the Act, in so far as it requires the establishment of conditions providing for sick leave. O. Reg. 2/13, p. 3 (5). IMPROVEMENT OF THE ETFO TO THE CONDITIONS CURRENTLY IMPOSED ADDRESS OF THE ETFO Salary penalty Valid from 1 September 2014, abolition of the penalty of 2% salary for ETFO teachers Valid September 1, 2014, iii. If the collective agreement provides for a movement on the salary scale, if the worker has acquired additional qualifications, the movement will take place on the 97th day following the date fixed by the collective agreement for this purpose. 9 SECTION 4 – CATEGORY DEFINITIONS (continued d) 4.02 (a) The classification of teachers in their respective categories shall be determined in accordance with the Ontario Competency Assessment Council, Program 5. These certification statements are the only acceptable statements for investment verification. The placement of teachers in Q.E.C.O. Classes B, C and D and their promotion in the pay grid are made in accordance with the payment plan Q.E.C.O., published on October 1st, the categories are assimilated for placement in the salary grid as follows: Q.E.C.O.

Category D C B A1 A2 A2 A3 A4 Salary scales category A A1 A1 A2 A3 A (a) teacher, Whose last recruitment date was August 31 or before August 31, qualified in 1974 for category A1 with ten (10) university courses and a specialist or access product. Teachers whose last date of hire is August 31, 1974, Qualify for Category B with five (5) university courses and a specialist medical or supervisor certificate The mission of each teacher is to inform the Board of Directors in writing of any change in the Teacher Category (a) The Board of Directors adjusts a teacher`s salary from September 1: (i) when the conditions for placement at a higher level of salary before the start of the September school year are met and (ii) (iii) The application for assistance Q.E.C.O. Evaluation Statement at the director or designate is submitted as soon as possible and at the latest on the last day of the course in December of the current year. It goes without saying that if the Q.E.C.O. declaration is delayed and is only available after the application period has expired, the board adjusts the teacher`s salary as if the Q.E.C.O. declaration. had been filed in time for the application. The Board of Directors adjusts a teacher`s salary from the first day of January: (i) If the conditions for placement at a higher salary level are met before December 31 and (ii) If the application is completed with Q.E. support.C.O. .