Fake Tenancy Agreement Housing Benefit

If you receive the rental benefit directly, you can sign up for “My Benefits,” an online service that allows you to do so: in January 2005, St. George informed the Council of the presentation of a rental agreement that its owners were Miss N Thomas and Miss N J Thomas. Kevin Campbell, deputy head of the internal audit and anti-fraud department of the Waltham Forest Local Authority, said: “Council housing is in high demand, and if a tenant`s circumstances change – for example, where he married a partner and moved in – a Council property is vulnerable to subletting. Claims are generally reviewed within 14 days of receiving the last document we need to assess their usefulness. An owner has an empty apartment in Farnborough. He entered into an agreement with one of his Aldershot tenants to create an alleged rent for the Farnborough property. The tenant is entitled to benefits and says he has a lease in the Farnborough apartment. He then shares the benefit he receives with the owner. This is an advantage fraud. At the national level, we are losing two billion pounds a year to protect fraud; this money could be used to improve public services instead of filling the pockets of fraudsters. Ahmed submitted his housing benefit application form to work 25 hours a week in a camp. He also made some lay-top in the local pub, but he didn`t put that on his application form because the work was in hand. This is an advantage fraud.

“The consequences of this type of fraud are indeed very serious and could lead to a criminal conviction and a prison sentence. I would urge all those who think wrongly about housing allowances to take into account the real impact this can have on its future and that of the community as a whole. In addition to the single-person rebate, illegal subletting also remains a central problem of housing fraud for municipalities. The violin began in 1993, when two of the family bought a house and installed their 78-year-old father as a fake tenant. The housing allowance was used to pay the mortgage. They got away with it and, three years later, they bought the house next door and moved in another family member. They used exactly the same fraudulent scenario, but with a twist. Even though they were next door neighbors, they pretended they didn`t know each other. This clearly indicates that they knew exactly what they were doing and that what they were doing was wrong.