Franchise Agreement For Coaching Institute If Franchisor is the originator of Franchisor`s e-commerce program, franchisees have the opportunity to participate in the program, provided the franchisee is reputable under this agreement and any other agreement with Franchisor franchisors or subsidiaries. The e-commerce program mentioned in the manuals may (a) indicate the conditions under which Franchisor`s participating franchisors and franchisees can share program revenues and expenses; b) requiring franchisees to comply with the franchisor`s procedures, policies and protocols that govern electronic communications and the use and dissemination of customer information, (c) franchising will be specific during each franchise agreement for the brand, there are important things that should be within their reach. This may differ from one deductible to another, with some 5 to 10 years and others 10 to 20 years. In principle, the franchise agreement should be long enough to allow you to recoup your initial investment. (c) be acquired by an identical or similar company to the Personal Training Institute (regardless of the form of the transaction), even if the other company is active, franchised companies and/or licenses of competitive companies in the exclusive territory; and 5.3 Additional local advertising. Subject to prior written authorization from the franchisor, the franchisee conducts additional advertisements in the franchisee`s local sector at the franchisee`s expense, and the franchisor may, from time to time, offer the franchisee local marketing plans and authorized materials, including, but not limited, advertising models covering the promotion of the forecasting and resale, under the same conditions that the franchisor then offers to its other franchisees. Before use by the franchisee, samples of all local marketing materials that have not been manufactured or previously approved by the franchisor must be submitted to the franchi for written approval, which must not be disproportionately refused. Regardless of the universality of the above, the franchisee gives three (3%) Percent of gross monthly revenue for local advertising in its marketing field. At the request of the franchisor, the franchisor will control all local advertising expenses within thirty (30) days of the requirement. CONSIDERING that franchisees are not aware of the statements made by Franchisor, its executives, its directors, shareholders or representatives on the franchise proposed below, on franchisor franchises or on its franchising programs and directives that contradict the statements made by franchisor`s UFOC or the terms of that agreement; and If the franchisee does not pay any fees or other amounts to be paid under this Agreement or any other agreement with franchisors or franchisor partners or 2.2 renewals. Subject to the provisions of this section, the franchisee has an option (which can only be exercised by written notification to the franchisor of less than nine (9) months. however, more than six (6) months before the expiry of the original term of this contract) in order to extend the deductible by two (2) additional periods of five (5) years if: (e) the fitness centre cannot be opened to stores until: (i) all of the franchisee`s obligations under this section 3.5 are fulfilled; (ii) notes that the fitness centre has been built, furnished, furnished, equipped and equipped in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by Le Franchisor; (iii) the initial training program was completed by all the necessary persons, to the satisfaction of the franchisor; (iv) the original deductible tax and all other amounts due to Franchisor have been paid; (v) the franchisee must replace all the insurance certificates required by Article XII; (vi) the franchisee has obtained all administrative authorizations, licenses and administrative authorizations necessary to operate the fitness centre; (vii) the franchisee fully complies with all the provisions of this agreement; and (viii) all points on the franchisor`s opening checklist were met to the franchisor`s satisfaction.