Meritain Single Case Agreement

Many insurers in the Albuquerque area provide significant financial support for EDTC`s intensive outpatient programs for eating disorders. IOPs are a very important and proven type of treatment. Some insurance plans require agreement on a case-by-case basis before the program is launched and we have been successful in approving them. In keeping with our philosophy for treating people in need who do not have insurance benefits or who have limited behavioural health coverage, we can work with our clients to also organize funding plans for this program. Meritain Health is one of the largest independent providers of self-funded health services in the country. Meritain Health cares for more than 400 self-financed clients with nearly 500,000 members in more than 30 major sectors. The company offers plan management, innovative wave, medical management, disease management, network management and cost management. Meritain Health is also a pioneer and is now the independent leader in public health plans. Meritain Health employs more than 750 people with regional subsidiaries in Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Canton, OH; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Evansville, IN; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Memphis, TN; St. Louis, MO; Okemos, MI; and its headquarters in Buffalo, NY. AMHERST, N.Y.-(BUSINESS WIRE) -Meritain Health, Inc., a leading provider of health plan management services and a division of The Prodigy Health Group, announces an agreement with Aetna Signature Administrators, which allows current and potential meritain customers immediate access to Aetna`s national PPO network and Aetna Los Los Insurance. If you retire, remove your status or change supplier groups, use this form to let us know. We must terminate your contract with us. If you change or change jobs, you can sign a new agreement for your new practice or site. Meritain Health, Inc.Erica Castren, In most cases, EDTC can also accept your health insurance plan for nutrition counselling sessions. As in-network providers, we are responsible for the following commercial insurance plans for nutritional services and advice: EDTC accepts most behavioral health insurance for our consulting services. We understand that treating eating disorders and other behavioural problems can sometimes be financially burdense. Our customer service staff are happy to help you verify your insurance benefits and determine your share of the cost of our services.