There Are Still Open Purchase Order Items or Scheduling Agreements Message No. Mm326

When I make this error message as a warning, it shows some effects……. because incorrect profit centers are now assigned to our material master. My FI man is ready to transfer the balances to the right profit center. So what happens to the FI site? because when I do the IG, the =material always uses the old evaluation class (GL Acc is C1000000). =The system writes in this G/L. the latest version of the annotations 146241, 146292 and 102653.In the following two messages with the SE91 transaction for the MM message class: You wanted to change the trial class or profit center. However, there are still open purchase order lines orprescription content for hardware. This can lead to inconsistencies when merchandise receipts and invoice documents are saved for the corresponding purchase order items. Note This message or the Customizing parameter for this message (see below) is also relevant if the material type of a material has changed and the new material type requires a different evaluation class. Purchase orders for which goods have been received and for which the invoice receipt has not yet been fully executed are essential, as well as production orders for which a movement of goods has taken place and whose status has not been removed.

This means that before changing the valuation class, you must check all purchase orders and production orders for the material and check if no movement of goods has taken place or if full receipt of payment has been made. You should only change the assessment class if this is the case. Until version 4.6B, you can convert the corresponding error message with the described source code changes into a warning message. However, you must at least use version 4.0B with Hot Package 20 or have implemented the latest version of Notes 146241 146292 and 102653.In use the SE91 transaction to create the following two messages for the MM message class: „Sherly Indrayani via To: Rob D Dodd/UK/CSC@CSC sap-r3-log” cc: Note: If you change the evaluation class, the system also checks whether there is no evaluated stock for the material during the current period (i.e. the stock value must be zero). If there are evaluated stocks, the system issues an error message, otherwise there would be data inconsistencies in the database that you could not avoid by organizational methods. „Please note the following checks that are performed to change the assessment class:1. Make sure there are no stocks in the actual AND previous period.

See attached note 30656 for an example of how to obtain zero inventory To avoid an error message (MM326), you can change the customization settings as described in note 160970. MM326 message only. However, read the instructions carefully before you want to change the evaluation class of a material. The system does not allow this change because there are still pending purchase orders or production orders for the material that have not been deleted. If you want to change the material type of a material and a different evaluation class must be assigned to the material due to the new material type, the change is not allowed even if there are still work orders or purchase orders in progress. Please read the note 102653.By this fix, the system checks all dependent purchase receipts without removal indicators and the M3368 error occurs if it finds at least one undeleted Po item (not just if stocks are available)! Many people have asked this question over the years, and I do not call anyone who says that there was a note that facilitated the process. It would be nice for a lot of people if you could remember the note you saw, as this question appears on the list about every six or eight weeks. There are still open purchase order lines or planning agreements Without modifying purchase orders and closing open orders, there is an OSS note that can be applied.

Hello, What is the error that the system gives when you set the deletion indicator in the production order? 3. SE16 -> AFPO table. Select all elements of the associated material/plant. If you find at least one item, edit val.clss. is not possible. You must archive these production orders (see note 146241). Close these command lines and mark them for deletion. Therefore, all purchase order items dependent on this material/factory should be marked in tx ME22/ME22N for deletion, even if they are old and complete and an invoice check is performed.

I have stock for this material, but no open purchase order. The other exam is for open VOUCHERS, but as you told us, you don`t have one for your material. Best regards— Darrell Fite via sap-r3-log-mm wrote:> # Run the supply chain shelves to finally > you> # Read the article:>> > # View Group Archives:>> > >, I have a request to change the evaluation class to a subject > raw materials> to semi-finished products. However, the system does not allow me to do so>. I`m sure >`m not the only one in this situation> ever, how did you solve it >?> > Thanks in advance.> > > *Archive:>> *Manage subscriptions:> *Leave group:> *Need help with your subscription?>> *Terms of service:>> *Copyright (c) ITtoolbox and author of the message. No> redistribution.> The other option is to change the message class of the displayed message to „information only” Cause and prerequisitesThe verification is executed, otherwise inconsistencies may occur when voice receipts for open purchase orders or parts of the commodity receipts for production orders are entered after the material evaluation class changes. Dear Surya,Before you change val.class, ask SAP at:1. Short-circuit all open controls of a changing element in The Val.class.2. Deleting all orders from an item in value.class modification.3. Deleting all sales orders from an item in value.class change.4. Make inventory zero – all sto. loc-plant level (since in general val = area is plant).5.

Final stock of the final period. You need to perform the activity step by step as described above. Then, SAP allows the article to be subjected to a split evaluation or a change of =val. . .