Tsu Oecta Collective Agreement

QECO`s salary evaluation program is unique in that it is negotiated by teachers and their boards of directors for inclusion in local collective agreements. Teachers are assessed and receive an evaluation statement, which is then accepted by their board of directors for placement in the payroll category. The remuneration of teachers` salaries is an issue that is negotiated between the teachers` bargaining units and their boards of directors. Registration forms are available on the QECO website 01/04/2017 TSU-OECA ANNUAL STAFF REPS IN- SERVICE 10/09 10 What are teachers` unions doing? Representing teachers who feel the contract has not been fairly complied with and negotiating a fair settlement with the teachers` committee regarding the provincial government`s interest on behalf of teachers and school principals, to ensure that resources and resources are properly allocated Monitor health and safety issues in schools with the Committee when creating safe schools and other relevant protocols Provide a collective professional voice on education issues 01/04/2 2017 TSU-OECA ANNUAL STAFF REPS IN- SERVICE 10/09 6 TSU-OECTA ANNUAL STAFF REPS IN SERVICE 10/09The present agreement frames the relationship between the employer and the workers. It is the responsibility of management as well as staff. 01/04/2017 TSU-OECA ANNUAL STAFF REPS IN SERVICE 10/09 The main tasks of the local bargaining unit are to represent its members in local collective bargaining with their school board, to deal with complaints from members of the process and to commit to the health and safety of the work environment. 37 TSU-OECTA ANNUAL STAFF REPS IN- SERVICE 10/09Final Thoughts First Steps When Beginning Your Teaching Career: Learn your teacher contract (collective contract) And imagine your local union representative: Imagine the social and social unions sponsored the protests before joining a TSU 01 committee /04/2017 TSU-OECD ANNUAL STAFF REPS IN SERVICE 10/09 – a proud community of Catholic educators to establish and protect the rights of members – to create, maintain and develop respectful and collegial relationships with Catholic education partners, committing to a strategic planning cycle in order to establish effective communication, to be recognized and respected advocates of public Catholic formation – to connect to the wider community – to model Christ by supporting each other as brothers and sisters – to support the professional and spiritual development of our members – to be effective Catholic defenders of social justice in the wider community 7 in a union 7 Based on what is best for the collective or on the greater good of all teachers working for a school authority 01/04/2017 TSU-OECA ANNUAL STAFF REPS SERVICE 10/09 The TSU is one of the largest secondary units in the OECD and works in many ways with its sister Toronto Elementary.